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How Can You Benefit From Local SEO?

Local search engine optimisation has been evolving over the past few years. It focuses on providing search engine results that are suitable for a searcher’s current location. For example, if you find a good cafe that serves great coffee, your search engine will provide you results that are nearest to you. Millions of local clients use SEO on the search for the best establishments in their area.

If you are interested in optimising your website for local searches, here are some tips from Glasgow agency, Grant McArthur to guide you on starting with local SEO.

You must know what the locals in your area are interested in. Identify local search terms to attract more traffic to your website. There are different tools you can use to check what terms these people usually enter in search engines. You can combine the type of service you offer and the area where your business is located to come up with local search terms.

If you already have established a website, your next step is to make it clear and describe the services being offered. You can include your location in descriptions and page titles. Keep in mind to create descriptions within 156 characters or less. Do not forget to indicate your contact details such as business name, address, phone number, and mobile number if applicable. Attach a local map as well and include a small detail of your location.

Upload high-quality photos in your business website to attract more visitors. People usually base their decision on the photos they see, especially what your place looks like. You may also want to display photos of your actual products or services. Your business logo is not enough to show them what you offer. All you have to do is add several photos to increase your website traffic.

Nowadays, mobile users rely on their devices and applications to look for useful information. Maintain a user-friendly website to let them navigate better and find your business location easier. There are important apps such as Google+ Local and Foursquare that let users check-in on your location. Applications are a good way to build interaction with customers because you can offer discounts on your services.

Encourage your customers to create reviews on your website. They can leave recommendations and feedback whether positive or negative. These comments can inform you what services to improve more so that the next time they visit, a better service will be given to them. You can also come up with an incentive program. For example, every time they leave a review on your business website, a promo voucher will be given to them as a reward. It will depend on what you can give them just as long as they are happy and encouraged to do so.

These tips can make your website presence stronger than before. Take advantage of local search engine optimisation and increase the number of clients flocking to your business in the future. If you are not familiar on how to optimise a website, there are local SEO companies that can help you boost traffic to your site in no time. One In Glasgow we highly recommend is Grant McArthur, here is his Facebook – Grant McArthur SEO & Design


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